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my mighty life list*
October 2, 2009, 10:58 pm
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Inspired by Maggie Mason’s, of, recent partnership with Intel to get to work on her Mighty Life List (yes, those really are three different links) I tried to get my arms around a life list of my own. It has always existed and it has always been a work in progress but if I post it somewhere and reference it often and add to it and strike through it, I think it’s more likely that things will happen with some regularity. I’m lighting the fire under my own ass and squatting pretty damn close to the flame.

Mighty Life List!
 by Calamity Jill

  • take a swing dance lesson
  • learn to drive a stick shift
  • rock a little black dress
  • movie kiss dip
  • proudly read something I wrote in front of an audience
  • see Stone Temple Pilots in concert
  • hang out in the Space Needle
  • explore Olympia, Washington
  • lazy breakfast at Swingers
  • wander the Japanese garden at CSULB
  • take Kiddo sledding
  • volunteer my time in the name of equality
  • have dinner at Versailles
  • Catalina Island!
  • ride Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey
  • send my parents on a much deserved vacation
  • try acupuncture (added 12/17/09)
  • drive all the way up the California coast (added 1/25/10)
  • ride on the back of a motorcycle (added 2/16/10)
  • obtain a passport & USE it (added 3/4/10)
  • officiate a wedding (added 5/10/10)
  • become a lifetime member of (added 9/12/10)
  • survive a bikini wax (added 12/5/10)
  • gain 1,000 Twitter followers (added 3/7/11)

Wish me luck!



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ok if you come to NY, we can take kiddo sledding, go to an open mic, go to swing, you can wear a little black dress to the gay bar.. oh and take a day trip to jersey!

look at how productive we could be! 🙂

Comment by alisha

I’ve explored Olympia, WA! There’s a pizza place that let’s you bring your own mushrooms.

Comment by Jamie Noel

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