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January 3, 2011, 11:45 pm
Filed under: just sayin', music/podcasts

GEEK OUT: I got my annual planner today and filled in all the birthdays and anniversaries and upcoming events. I can breathe now.

I was listening to the This American Life podcast this morning (this one), and during Act 1, David Rakoff says (sarcastically) during an awesome poem:

You have to want something to feel rejected.

What you don’t hope for can’t turn ’round to hurt you.

Have you told yourself these lies too? It is silly to think we can evade the pain of rejection or disappointment. Our major malfunction as humans is in the lack of an on/off switch to our emotions. (Ooh, or a dimmer!) But it is in those helpless emotions that we do not choose to feel that we figure who the hell we are under our/my callous exterior, get to know our weaknesses and strengths, or find out who our peers are under what we believe to be the real them, when really, all we see is the projection they want us to see.

It’s easy to forget that no one has it perfect. No one even has it all that easy, when you account for their personal battles and the strength and tolerance with which they have the ability to use against them. We cannot manifest super human acceptance of the shitty hand we’re dealt. But I’ve won more than one pot with just a pair of two’s.



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