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some resolutions, the 2011 edition
January 7, 2011, 8:31 pm
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It packs little punch, unless you disregard how early in the year we are, but I’ve been on the treadmill every day this year. I’m on the way to being a healthier, more energized calamity.

My resolutions come and go, no matter what the calendar says. I made some last January and September and I’ve considered some recent ones. We can think about the ideas we have to improve our lives but saying them out loud (or publicly on one’s website) kind of makes them stick better than a fleeting, motivational thought.

I’m almost positive I made this one before but have since fallen off the wagon.

  • be more prepared

Punctuality, like money management, is a huge downfall of mine. It is attributed to laziness sometimes and that makes me upset. I’m far from lazy. I am just awful at time management. I have been lying to myself for months by telling myself that getting up at 6:30 in the morning leaves me enough time to get ready for work. It is a joke to think I can get myself, much less my mini-fam, out the door somewhere with less than half hour notice. Every party or gathering or whateverthehell requires me to be there at a certain-o’clock can expect me late. My friend Oscar told me after the fact that he had told me to be ready for a Reel Big Fish show an hour before he planned to pick me up, just to make sure we were on time. Oscar’s a smart man.

I expressed to Josh a couple weeks ago, on the way to my cousin’s birthday party, that it was beyond upsetting that I had gotten lost. I was already late and then I was more late and I was giving everyone a reason to chide me for being the superlate asshole that I always am.

Of course, no one really cared. I’m hardly that important. But it would have been nice to be ahead of myself, had directions written down, had the gift in hand before the day of the party… this is where I want to prepare. I have every single birthday I can think of in my *new planner* and I’m hoping that early in the month I can start gathering ideas about gifts and picking up or making the perfect card. Which leads to my next resolution:

  • supporting more small businesses

I flipped through the *new planner* last night and saw a good lady friend’s upcoming birthday in twelve days so I hopped on Etsy and did some browsing. I shouldn’t be running into Target the day of a special someone’s birthday to give my money to the big business people when it could be special and handcrafted and family owned and smell-goody like the soy candles I found for a steal at sprout candle shop or the hand-blown glass wine topper from dr. brontosaurus.

What did you resolve? What handmade goods to you love?



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