check your sugarcoat at the door

some things I learned from two really cool human beings
February 23, 2011, 5:35 am
Filed under: family

My dad taught me that slow is the key to cooking a good meal, what ‘autonomy’ meant and how to recognize when yours was being broken apart, that a work ethic is more valuable than any paycheck, to appreciate spicy food and to looove Tapatio, that I was not expected to ever be perfect but only to strive to be a good human being, to be patient, to bite my tongue when it made sense, my keen sense of direction, how and why to tip the dealer, to love classic rock, to keep your word, to work often and hard and to take care of my loved ones first.

My mom taught me to put the pillows inside the cases tag first, that some color on my face was not to be feared, that being a doormat in my youth wouldn’t last forever, that it is okay to screw up as a young woman/mother, how to hold my liquor, not to put up with any shit from an undeserving man (she once gave a guy a bloody nose for being a total asshole in front of me – no shit), to like avocado, how to fold towels, when it made sense to punish your offspring and when to let it slide for the sake of an effective lesson crafted from guilt, to appreciate and not give a fuck what people thought about my guilty pleasure music, to balance my checkbook, to worship badass women and to make a mean chili.



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You are AWESOME!!!! I love that!

Comment by Mom

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