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26, part II
February 28, 2011, 1:30 am
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If I could just convince my boyfriend and everyone I love and need close by to come with me, I would move to Ocean Beach, California, in a fucking heartbeat.

Sliiightly hungover, but mostly just sleepy and thirsty, I rode shotgun out to OB the morning before my birthday. The drive was full of laughs, as per usual agenda. With Ree, it’s always a riot. We’re poking and prodding at each other’s funny bone, laughing until we risk wetting ourselves and this was continued throughout the weekend. My mama was in the backseat with her People magazines and Goldfish crackers, alternately shaking her head at us and chiming in to tell us how ridiculous we are. Which we’re aware of.

An aside: I am so, so lucky that my own flesh and blood mother is who she is. She is one of my very closest friends, and while she’ll still remind me on occasion that she is my mom first (“Stop telling me this story, I don’t wanna know!”) I never forget how lucky I am.

There’s something about the place — everyone we encounter is friendly and engaging, every bite of food is ridiculously delicious (save for the fried zucchini), the drinks are strong, the shops are unique and plentiful… I was in love the minute I set foot there, about a year and a half ago, and now I’m not so subtlety tugging Josh’s sleeves and asking him to pack up his things so we can move our happy asses down there. There, where I can find: the all-time best Irish pub, the yummiest pizza place with craft beers and amazing pesto bread, the coolest of little shops filled with everything I desire in abundance (handmade jewelry, candles & incense, etc), the BEST brunch on the planet complete with fresh strawberry juice mimosas by the PINT, an incredible hotel view, good looking locals, awesome Japanese food served by a sassy Japanese woman my mom may or may not have been flirting with…

The beach, just outside our hotel; stunning even in winter

View from our second story balcony

One of two lovely, cozy beds in our lovely, cozy room

Saturday night, sushi dinner complete with wine, beer and sake

Home away from home, comes with high recommendations from yours truly

Eggs benedict & tots, the greatest meal that ever was

I maintain that I can only take unflattering pictures.

In the ice chest my mom brought along, came a few classic red Solo cups, some Pinnacle whipped cream vodka (SO GREAT IT HAS ITS OWN FACEBOOK PAGE) and ginger ale. These, mixed over ice, make for my new favorite cocktail. I know most things are my favorite, especially in this post when I’m ecstatic about life with my favorite people in my favorite place, but take my word on this one, friends. It’s cream soda tasting and it will get you drunk. A&W, for shame. You should have thought of this first.

Twenty-six is off to an amazing start.



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