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an alternative to neutering
March 7, 2011, 7:32 pm
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Over the weekend, we rented Red* and grabbed some libations for a night at home.

Of note, the reason that Corona six-pack might seem so super on sale is because it is CORONITA. Which is about half the fluid ounces of a normal bottle of beer. As I loaded a six-pack into the fridge for Josh, my hand seemed to dwarf the tiny bottles and I asked tentatively, “Are these… smaller… than normal?”

Indeed, very much so.

*It has been so long since I’ve seen an entertaining movie. But Red was worthy.

Next thing I knew, I was mad-scramble cleaning because four friends were on their way over. So much for movie night.

At one point, myself and two ladies (the Girlfriends) were at the kitchen table, while the gentlemen (the Boyfriends) made a second liquor store run for more mixers and flavored, girly cigars for yours truly. We were talking loudly and laughing and such when a strange and foul smell came over the room. I looked to the small bar attached to the kitchen counter, where we keep the cat food to prevent Lucy from eating it all. Furby was face down in his bowl, mashing his flat face against the food and trying to lap some kibble into his mouth (a hilarious struggle I enjoy watching, while Josh takes pity and piles up the food in little mountains for them) and his tail was completely covering a large, purple ceramic bowl that holds a big lavendar candle. That was lit.

His ass snuffed my candle.

Lavendar tainted cat ass hair. In my kitchen.

It took a little while to air it out. When Josh got home, I told him the story by way of saying that the smell was not Furby’s butt hair. Nope.

Oh, the death glare. 

It has been made clear that he loves those kiddens more than he loves Kiddo and I combined. I’m working on accepting this.



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