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March 10, 2011, 7:32 pm
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Open as I am to the reduction of gang violence, I don’t think making a zoo exhibit out of it is going to fucking help.

Driving these (presumed Caucasian, no?) voyeurs through dangerous territory does not enlightenment offer. If they gave a shit, they could contribute to the well being and contributions being made by ex-gang members, L.A beautification projects or youth programs to keep kids away from the influence of the lifestyle. Is any gangster going to see these rubber-neckers observing his/her life and wonder why he/she ever chose this route? From the NPR article, linked above:

“The most important thing about this tour is to reinforce the fact that these guys are human,” Auld says.

Auld’s biggest complaint: having signed a frightening release form at the outset of the tour, which warned it was inherently dangerous. Auld was hoping for a little more excitement.

It is not a given that gang members are human beings?
Would you like to order a shooting with that? Super size the risk and danger, sir, for your viewing pleasure?

I just… can hardly put into words how disgusting this is, and yet I find myself not surprised that someone, ex-gang member turned mentor or not, has found a market for it.



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I hope you get a chance to explore the notion in your studies. The conversations can get heated, to say the least. Here are some random “articles” available to the general public. I’d also encourage you to use the virtual library that you have at school to gather some more scholarly information.

Comment by Jamie Noel

I think the slum tourism could have some benefits – bringing light to the vivacious lives within and the like. Not the mention the economy it might provide, assuming the areas being traveled through see some proceeds.

I think the “gang” tours though are less about seeing the families and communities involved. I especially think traipsing through areas KNOWN for violent outbreak by way of gunfire and is absolutely ridiculous and yet, people are paying to do it. It isn’t a novelty. It is peoples’ lives, ya know?

Comment by calamityjill

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