check your sugarcoat at the door

March 19, 2011, 9:51 pm
Filed under: daily, family, wah

Last week, I momentarily swore off alcohol. Not for Lent, mind you. I only rode the Catholic train as a wee one. (When asked what I gave up last week, I told a friend, “um, cabbage?”) It took a lonely all nighter last Friday with half a bottle of Bacardi Select and some cheesy comedy DVDs, followed by Saturday night with half a bottle of Captain Morgan Tattoo at Josh’s relative’s house and some Barenjager shots at our favorite dive, where the shots are poured before we’ve found a seat. To top it off, a Sunday night drag show at a nearby gay bar consisting of at least ten Captain and Diets, plus a new favorite shot. Shake Frangelico and Chambord over ice, top it with whipped cream if you please. The name is perfect for its taste: Nuts & Berries.

Come Monday, I was hurtin’ something awful with no one to blame but myself.

And now it’s the following weekend and the most intoxication I can get is from a double dose of Norcos while my gut muscles heal back together. I’m sans gall bladder as of yesterday morning and thanking my saint of a mother for going above and beyond in her care for me. I’m completely spoiled and so grateful for it.


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