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the frustration of the error message
March 29, 2011, 12:22 am
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This post is brought to you by my college library’s internet access. Something happened last week after Kiddo was done using my laptop. The laptop that I am militant about, running updates on and removing unnecessary crap and saying sternly about how nothing is to be downloaded do you hear me.

One time I got a very random text from a weird six digit number, saying something about my temporary password. I looked around, confused, deleted it and moved on with whatever I was doing. Drinking rum and playing Dr. Mario is a safe assumption. Cutting the skin around my nails with cuticle cutters is another. I found out a few minutes later that some random pop-up had asked for a phone number and Kiddo typed on in my cell, which I should never have had her memorize, because it’s not once been used for an emergency but only handed out freely to second graders and plugged into random kid-friendly joke websites.

She loves her jokes.

On that note: Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed?
Because she couldn’t control her pupils!


So, yes. Something happened. Something that has stripped my computer’s ability to connect to the internet. The connection is “excellent” and the bill is paid and the little connection indicator is green at the bottom of the screen. But the page will not load. It has been a few days of hell, especially when, for an upcoming Vegas trip, I listed a bunch of crap on Ebay in hopes of making some gambling and spending money. And I could refresh my seller page all damn day in hopes of watching the green numbers climb. As of today, we’re a happy fifty-two bucks richer and in high hopes that someone will buy that coffee maker.

Today I rejoined the work force for a few hours. It was a weird transition, the iced coffee procurement, the freeway traffic, the quiet morning hours or e-mail sorting and the like.

Around 12:30, I submitted a written resignation from my job*. By one p.m. I had not heard a breathe of response. Granted, my boss is on vacation, but I know she’s checking e-mail by phone. And my supervisor was copied but if she has had any reaction, it was probably in the direction of human resources, asking what to do in our boss’ absence. Or something. Either way, by one o’clock I could wait with baited breath no longer and I left to meet with a surgeon’s assistant for a check-up. My wounds are healing nicely, she said, as she removed the tape holding me together. Or, you would think it was holding me together because I was so terrified of it being removed. It was lifting and gathering shirt lent and looking most unsexy but I was so, so scared of pulling it off all four incisions. She yanked it gleefully and sent me home. And I sent me to the library on campus to do the homework I postponed for an entire week. An entire week that I didn’t even have to work but I still avoided my homework. I am without excuse. And I just remembered I have to do my vocabulary work…

*A bigger, better, un-refusable opportunity came my way with very little effort on my part. And I’d had it up to higher than I can reach with the management of my department. If asked, my reasoning would be something like, “Y’ALL SUCK.” With a flip of my hair, I hope to be out on good terms this Friday. But by the way my supervisor and I fight, it could be as soon as tomorrow morning if they feel like being big jerks.

Which would just free up my Wednesday afternoon for a lecture I really wanted to check out.


Friday night we’re taking the new! hybrid!* down the loooong fifteen freeway stretch from Orange County into Las Vegas. My awesome cousin is getting hitched and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. Secretly, I’m pretty thrilled for some kid-free, hotel time with my honey too. Guilty pleasures await.

*Josh got a sweet new ride.



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Have a great time in Vegas. I may be there in a few weeks visiting my father.

Comment by woodynyou

Yay for a trip to Vegas (I’m working on planning my own!) and YAY for giving your notice. I’m giving mine today. EEP

Comment by ra

Congrats on the new job. I’m hoping something better comes my way soon.

Comment by hotpants™

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