check your sugarcoat at the door

except Girl Scout Cookies
April 19, 2011, 8:06 pm
Filed under: as a mama

My friend complained by way of e-mail this morning about “another F-ing fundraiser” at the kid’s school. I replied, “I throw them out. I’m not working for the school; otherwise I’d be… working for the school. Employing the kids to sell crap just grosses me out. I can’t believe it’s still going on.”

Because, for real, it’s an old practice and it needs to be canned. The kids cannot go door-to-door like I once did. It is a given that mom or dad takes the assload of paperwork and triplicates to the office or around to the friends and relatives and the only reason anyone ever submits to the crap catalog offerings or overpriced wrapping paper and peanut brittle is out of guilt or to please the kid and boost them into some shitty prize category where ten hours of effort and pestering earns a toy that costs a sixth of a cent to make in a third world country and has a thirteen minute lifespan before it is in pieces and next thing you know your vacuum is in the shop or your dog is choking until it vomits plastic and brown goopy kibble.

Thus, elementary school fundraisers = dog puke.



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