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regret on the rocks
April 22, 2011, 6:25 pm
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I canNOT drink like I used to.

This is very sudden. My unusually high tolerance for all sorts of alcohol seems to have shriveled and withered and croaked. A few weekends back, I went to a birthday gathering at a dive bar. I was 6-7 Hefs and 2-3 vodka tonics down when I got to the bar, which might offer explanation of my having vomited everywhere later that evening, but I digress. I took in more beer and a few shots in a celebratory manner for the birthday girl and was completely out of commission for about a week afterward. Life without a gall bladder has an effect after heavy drinking, turns out. 

I just used Google to determine if the correct word was afterward or afterword.

 I can’t say (or type) afterward without thinking of that soul crushing “Friday” song. Which I will not link. “Sunday comes afterwards.”

Mind-boggling, the badness.

Then I hear that song in Ralph Garman’s McDonald employee voice that he can’t seem to stop doing on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast. Which I will link! Because it is awesome.

I am much like Dug the dog, in the movie Up. SQUIRREL!

Last night I was decided to give in to a draft beer craving and hit a local sports bar with some friends which turned into an all-nighter on a goddamned weeknight. This hangover is one I wouldn’t wish on an enemy. My drinker’s remorse is fucking tangible. I’m glad my cell phone is dead so I can’t scan through any horrific texts I may have sent. Regardless of intake, my hangovers are never usually this bad.

I am not used to feeling like I rolled around in a cement mixer before being run over by it but it seems I might have to get used to it.

Or I could just stop drinking, but. Well. We know how that’ll go.



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