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happy birthday to my big little bromosexual
May 6, 2011, 8:14 pm
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An embarrassing amount of years ago, my dad got me a really nice photo printer. In the many moves I’ve made and borrowed computers I’ve utilized, I never hooked it up. And still it sat, sealed in it’s original box, at the top of the pantry or linen or coat closet (whatever it is) for the last three years at 2B until recently, when I pulled it down, tore it open and followed the instructions carefully to install it. Naturally, now it is too old and my laptop is too new and they are not compatible. I figured there would be some sort of update I could download from the Canon website but I’ve had no luck. Now this beautiful printer is back in its box, much to Mo’s dismay, and I have this horrible guilt about never having used it back when it was expensive. Now I’d be lucky to fetch forty bucks for it on craigslist, me thinks.

When said box was empty:

I should really call those posts “Mo In, On & Around Stuff.”

For Cinco de Mayo, I opted out of tacos and beer with the ladies and pulled a double workout. Can you believe that shit? After I rewarded myself with a little red wine, I got a tempting invite via text to hit the gay bar for a drag show. Despite planning to stay in for the night, I hustled into something clean and did a sloppy little number with my hair to go cheer on some queens. It was a damn good show, as always. The beer was flat and gross but you couldn’t beat the company. One of the girls and I hit the punk rock bar on the way home for some free drinks. I’m not sure how we pulled that off. We picked up greasy, salty food for the ride home and I was up for work three hours later.

Today’s my broseph’s secondy-second birthday. He’s going to get all beered out at a dive in hometown. I probably will not be clinking pitchers with him but I’m talking about his day of days on the interwebs, so I did my part.



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