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May 18, 2011, 3:50 am
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Alison Bechdel’s The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For has been in my purse, my car, my desk and my bathroom for the last month or so. I’ve kept it close by and given it my full attention whenever possible because it’s fucking awesome. It’s a collection of excellent comics that I never wanted to put down. It’s The L Word with better, more intelligent and diverse characters in book form.

Sadly I finished it today so I’m paying more attention to my School Bag book, David Cross’ I Drink For a Reason. There has to be a book at hand, wherever I may roam.

Some hilarious excerpts from the latter:

Perhaps you have just had a huge fight over something trivial that got blown way out of proportion and turned into something else together?

Why don’t you like the color purple?
…well then, YOU fucking drive!!
I didn’t know there wouldn’t be any hot water left! It’s not a fucking conspiracy!
You used to fuck a magician?!
You really honestly believe that the Spin Doctors were underrated?

Dumped seems like it should only apply to relationships lasting a year or less. After that the word should be something like killed or temporarily deaded.

I dog-eared two other passages that aren’t nearly as funny when I’m sober. Regardless, this shit is laugh out loud funny so far.

What are you reading?




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Ive just added both of these to my summer reading list; they sound so refreshing!

I just finished two or three slummy horror, quick reads and my eyes are in sore need for hilarity. Thxthx!

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