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June 9, 2011, 4:44 pm
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At the beginning of April, Josh brought home a game for the Wii called Active 2 by EA Sports. Like most fitness ventures, I thought it would be motivating for a minute and then sputter out and die. Over two months later, I’m still logging four workouts per week in front of the tube, each over thirty minutes, burning around 250-350 calories per session. Which is no Olympic feat but I am jumping at the opportunity to brag about it. For me, it is quite the deal. I’ve committed to dropping a certain amount of pounds by a certain date which I’ve said aloud to some folks and Twitter followers making it a stone cold, iron-clad capital-c Commitment.

I skipped a Reese’s today, okay?

Some major indicators of what makes this SRS BUZNIS: I’ve given up beer and switched to clear liquors (Bacardi, vodka) without sugary mixers (substituting soda water or 100% juices). I’m getting out of bed at 5:20 a.m. 2-3 times a week to log an extra fifteen sweaty minutes on the treadmill. The only acceptable daytime snacks are little fiber bars or whole wheat crackers with no bullshit (ie awesome toppings) and the only acceptable nighttime snacks are non-existent. I’m cutting back on juices and upping my water, Crystal Light and Gatorade intake, being that I drink fluids all day, every day. Our dinners are centered around chicken and vegetables or brown rice. (Now accepting meal ideas!)

I’m tellin’ you, mang. It’s for realsies serious. And I welcome ideas and suggestions for the sedentary-by-day, active-by-evening lifestyle I’ve got going to burn off even more. If I hit my goal, everyone gets a prize!

Spoiler: the prize will be my never shutting up about it



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