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“And I should know.”
June 10, 2011, 9:19 pm
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I was listening to the Hollywood Babble-On podcast during my lunch break yesterday. Kevin Smith and I generally share the same opinions and reactions when it comes to the “celebrity news” type of topics him and Ralph Garmen discuss. Roseanne Barr’s name came up, in that she might be slated to play Chelsea Handler’s aunt in the new show Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. Smith started going off passionately about this incredible article he’d read in the New York Times by Roseanne and I had to check it out.


I won’t paste the article in its entirety even though I want to, and then I want to Tweet it, line by line, and then send links to my entire contact list and then print it out to stick up on the refrigerator in the lunch room at work…


(the whole shebang is here: and I highly recommend it be read and worshipped accordingly)

Marcy presented herself as a sister in arms. I was a cutting-edge comic, and she said she got that I wanted to do a realistic show about a strong mother who was not a victim of Patriarchal Consumerist Bullshit—in other words, the persona I had carefully crafted over eight previous years in dive clubs and biker bars: a fierce working-class Domestic Goddess.

It didn’t take long for me to get a taste of the staggering sexism and class bigotry that would make the first season of Roseanne god-awful.

It was pretty clear that no one really cared about the show except me, and that Matt and Marcy and ABC had nothing but contempt for me—someone who didn’t show deference, didn’t keep her mouth shut, didn’t do what she was told. Marcy acted as if I were anti-feminist by resisting her attempt to steal my whole life out from under me.

I grabbed a pair of wardrobe scissors and ran up to the big house to confront the producer. […] I walked into this woman’s office, held the scissors up to show her I meant business, and said, “Bitch, do you want me to cut you?”

It just goes on and on in its greatness. Many applauds to this woman for experiencing what she did and then many more for putting this out there for us. Her show was a hit long before I could appreciate it for what it was but I am tempted to watch all nine seasons with all the coolest chicks I know.



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