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July 8, 2011, 6:05 pm
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Lately I’ve been utilizing Pandora* to deafen the overwhelming silence that can come over my office during the work day. When I focus, I can hear only the hum of the air. Throughout the day, a train passes nearby. Eventually I won’t notice it.

(Quickly, in case you don’t know: Pandora is a free “radio station” that plays music similiar to any artist you plug into it.)

I have a few saved stations. Less Than Jake is what I’ll plug in when I’m energetic. Arcade Fire when I’m lethargic and tired. For most any mood or feeling though, I plug in Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They can do no wrong, in my book. My book is a huge YYY fan. Recently the song Help I’m Alive by Metric popped up on that channel. After a minute I recognized it nostalgically and ended up purchasing the MP3 through Amazon where I found Gimme Sympathy, from the same album, is available for free. I quite like it.

After all of this is gone
Who’d you rather be?
The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Oh, seriously
You’re gonna make mistakes, you’re young
Come on, baby, play me a song

Just thought I’d share. Happy Friday, y’all.



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I love listening to Pandora at work. My favorite station is The Humpty Dance station. You’d be amazed at the mix you’ll find there.

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