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September 8, 2011, 8:08 pm
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For the first week anyway, third grade is looking better than second. I hope second grade goes down as the hard year (what with the almost total lack of shit-giving when it came to homework and not goofing off in class) and it’s all pencil shavings and stickers from here on out.

Pencil shavings and stickers being good things. Simple. Requiring little to no parent/teacher conferencing that begins with the teacher sighing heavily at you.

A week or so ago, Josh encouraged Kiddo to take her bike down the cul-de-sac and make conversation with some kids around her age that had been playing. It was an un-Kiddo-like thing to do. She is independent, maybe a little awkward and not comfortable in social settings. She would certainly not be the type to initiate conversation with a group of a strange kids, I thought.

And yet all week she has been with this little clique of local boys and girls keeping her outside, pedaling around the block, streamers flying. There’s a quota for hours spent outside and scabs earned on knees and elbows before one can act all grown up and ask for a Facebook account or a cell phone. I’m glad she racking up those hours. I might be more excited than she is that she finds herself with all these new friends instead of clinging closely to only one, as she’s done previously. And they’re all so damn sweet. I don’t say this of many kids. More often I speak fondly of wanting to elbow drop on other peoples’ kids.

On the first day of school Kiddo made a friend that showed her the ropes of the morning daycare place and the short ride to the school and where to go and when, etc. A little elementary tour guide. I asked her to tell me about her.

“She has yellow hair and she wears pink everyday.”
“But you’ve never seen her before today.”
“I know.”

Good point.



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Yay! Ride that bike grrl! 🙂

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