check your sugarcoat at the door

October 29, 2011, 2:35 am
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With my 470th post, I bid farewell. I’m not going to keep up this website anymore. I’m not as comfortable as I once was with having personal information, thickly coated in sarcasm and over dramatic though it may be, so readily available. I’m not motivated to take the content I experience everyday and put it into words for just about anyone to come across. I’m still hammering on the keys pretty consistently but keeping mum on my less than intriguing every day existence. Love to anyone who took a moment to read a sentence here or read lots of posts consistently. Many, many thanks, y’all. I’ll still be annoying as ever on Twitter, @prettylush.


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All the best, Jill! Trust your instincts and enjoy your choices. : )

Comment by lala


Comment by cleverwhatever

Boooooooo! But I get it. You’ll be missed!

Comment by Paige Jennifer

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