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back up in your ass with the resurrection
December 6, 2011, 6:12 am
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It was just a hiatus, turns out.

Try as I might I can’t stay away from the call of the blank page and I need as many formats as I can get, apparently, so I can:

And there’s just something so un-Wordpress about Tumblr.

In true calamity fashion, I’ve just completed a seven page paper for tomorrow night’s class. Don’t let it seem like I might even be ahead of myself. That shit would wait for tomorrow afternoon if I didn’t have to work. Just pending some printing drama and the absence of every stapler in the world, I’m exactly where I always find myself twenty-four hours before a paper or project of any magnitude is due.

I caught myself thinking it really wouldn’t matter so much if I got a C or a D in my Cultural Anthropology class, so I long as I collected another three units toward the 5482482148239712 remaining.

In two days we end the five month stay in the smallest room of my parents’ house and unload our storage unit into a sparkly new condo. To summarize what it’s been like living with seven others plus two Jack Russells, two cats, a turtle and a Beta fish, I’ll keep it light:

…in all honesty, the Beta totally didn’t deserve that.



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